Formed Architects and Designers embody a holistic sustainable approach in not only the way we devise projects, but also in the way we manage the practice and every aspect of our professional and private lives. Our sustainable mindset is not just about achieving legislative targets but is more importantly about the environment in which we live.  We aim to execute projects by taking some practical considered steps, which potentially save you money in the long run while providing sustainable, innovative and economical solutions.

At FORMED, we do not believe in green gimmicks and consider design and material choice at all levels; opting for ‘Cradle to Cradle’ materials whenever possible. This initiative means that we do not take the manufacturers word for their green credentials for the course of your project, but look beyond the 3rd and 4th time that the item is recycled.  This ecological stance is to ensure that a choice you make as a client does not harm the environment and become landfill after your project is completed.

We believe in sustainability and this is reflected in the way we operate our practice. We have a no paper policy wherever possible; with our correspondence being predominantly issued by email and where possible we encourage you to do the same. We operate our website from one of a few green hosts. In an effort to minimise our eco-footprint the principle partners adopt sustainable measures in their transportation choices, we walk or use public transport wherever practical.  On the rare occasions where private vehicles are the only mode of transport, then we try to ensure this is limited and we car pool. Admittedly these are small steps, but as a practice, it is these small steps that help us to be sustainable and economical.  We continually strive to improve our sustainability performance and encourage our clients in achieving the same.

We encourage and educate our customers to adopt environmentally friendly solutions throughout the architectural process, so if you want to adopt solar hot water panels, or more efficient lighting or are looking to reduce your long term fuel bills with energy efficient design we can consider this from the outset.