You came to my house and spent time exploring the whole space whilst listening to what I wanted and what I was concerned about. It was clear from talking to you and from your questions that you have a very thorough knowledge of buildings and architecture. More importantly it is apparent that you have a feeling for how space can best be lived and utilised. Following a thorough study of the house both inside and out you were able to come up immediately with some ideas that were breathtakingly simple and yet which in all our years in the house we had not thought of!”

We were approached by Eve to look at how we could maximise the space in her home for her growing family’s needs.

Eve Stanway, Home Owner

Thanks for all your help so far – we are now really excited about making this happen”

We worked with Richard to design a ground floor extension providing defined living spaces following an introduction from the Charity scheme we work with, Architect in the House for Shelter.

Richard Langford, Home Owner