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How Much Will an Architect Cost?

How Much Will an Architect Cost?

Architects & Fees

Engaging an architect should be considered an investment, money well spent in getting the most out of your build.

But how much will engaging an architect cost? What can you reasonably expect to pay when hiring an architect for your extension project?

It is tricky to answer this question without understanding a bit more about your project and the specifics that would impact the way an architect may structure their fee, but understanding what you want and your initial budget will allow an architect to fairly price for the works.

Are you looking for your architect to provide some ideas and sketches or do you need support through the build with them protecting you in dealing with builders and co-ordination to ensure your vision is realised?

Formed offer a flexible pricing structure to suit the needs of your project, our fees are fixed at each stage so you can understand what you will pay at each point – we think this allows for a fair and transparent fee structure that allows you to budget how much our fees will cost at the outset in so far as possible.

This may vary from other architects who will charge based on percentages of the contract value – this can leave you exposed, particularly as construction costs go up the contract value could be higher by the time a builder is engaged and this means that you would pay more for the services of your architect.

It can also mean that there is no incentive for the architect to work towards keeping costs aligned with budgets, since they get paid more the higher the build cost is.

If you are engaging an architect on the basis of a percentage cost, putting in some caps in place could save a lot of issues. Similarly, depending on the scale of the project, some architects may charge on an hourly basis; akin to lawyers – be mindful that what can be simple changes to drawings can take a lot of a time once coordinated so this can also be difficult to budget for without caps in place.

So what can you expect to pay for an architect in London for an extension project?

For a small extension in London you should expect to pay upwards of £800 for some simple hand drawn extension ideas; these would then progress to planning drawings and further stages thereafter, which may include building regulations, tender drawings and construction packages.

If your architect is managing the building works on site and assessing works being done are aligned with your specification and best practice from start to finish you would be looking at upwards of 12% of the total build cost being attributed to architect’s fees.

On top of this you may also need to factor in fee’s for other consultants, this will vary from project to project but you may need to budget for structural engineers, and fees for statutory fees for planning and building regulations.

To find out more about how we charge for our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch to speak to one of our team using the WhatsApp link or to book a call to suit you.