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Our Process

Our process works with you in partnership in order to make the most of your space.

Everyone has their own idea of a dream home. From size and location to fixtures and fittings, every person’s image will be different. But one thing that never changes is the peace-of-mind you’ll get from working with an architect you can trust and respect. One who will…

  • Listen from the outset, ensuring that the end solution matches your real needs…
  • Provide you with innovative, imaginative but also practical designs…
  • Steer you through the planning application, approvals and building regulations processes…
  • Help you select the best surveyors, builders and craftsmen to turn your vision into reality. (And manage them on site if required)…
  • Provide you with detailed and transparent budget and timing plans so that there are no nasty surprises along the way…
  • Advise on internal décor so that the room/s we create are perfect down to the last detail…
  • And offer value-for-money and personal attention throughout the process.

We do this for every client on every project.

We call it our partnership approach to architectural excellence. One where the homes we create are as solid as the customer relationships they’re built on.

Time spent on the design process at the outset is critical. It allows for ideas to be explored and to gain a real sense of how the spaces will feel.

Every project is different from planning, to building regulations, landlords’ consents, party wall consents, and CDM regulations. We will guide you through these processes, so you don’t get caught out on legal obligations.

Making decisions before builders start work is likely to save you money and heartache in the long run and should not be overlooked. We take you through this so you can be confident on costs and are happy with the result.

No build is ever the same and technical requirements for each project vary. By using our experience, you can be assured that we will hold the team to account and ultimately deliver an end result that matches your vision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every project that we undertake is unique, and we understand that this may be the first time that you may have thought you need to use an architect; our FAQs are based on questions that we often get asked, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

How do you charge for your projects

As each project and therefore everyone’s needs are different, our fees are based on the needs of your project; we provide a flexible pricing structure that gives you a fixed fee for every stage of the project and you have the option to use us as little or as much as you need.

Why should I use an architect, I can get plans drawn cheaply elsewhere?

Our service is more than getting plans drawn, we want to understand the way you and your family live so as to design your home so that it works for you. A key part of our offering is the design exploration stage and we will present a number of ideas as to how various areas may work. Working with us as your architect through the course of your project is likely to save you money in the long run and leave you with a beautiful space that you can be proud of. Our long training and extensive experience since then, seeks to protect you and your home, and we can help with design and the delivery of your project, including managing builders and advising on suitable finishes to suit your budget requirements.

I live in a conservation area - can you get planning for me?

We have extensive experience in working in conservation areas, with a fantastic track record of getting planning first time. We seek to work with the local planning conservation team to design schemes that they can support and approve.

I have a very tight budget but need extra space - can you help?

We are always realistic about what is possible within your budget; this is discussed very early on in the process and we offer innovative solutions to see how you can get the space you need at a price that you can afford.

I have a cost from a builder, but they have said they need technical drawings - do you provide these?

Yes, we can help with technical drawings. That said, if your builder has not reviewed any detailed plans to provide you a cost you will only have a budget price as they cannot price for something without knowing the detail from the outset.

Why should we use your services?

We want to make sure that you get the most out of your project at a price that works for you, in a way that is fun and stress free. We are very experienced at making the most of space and offering tailored solutions to suit, including pushing the boundaries of what is possible at planning.

I'm struggling to get planning, can you help?

Yes, we are always happy to explore why someone may be struggling to get approval for planning, often fresh eye looking at things can offer solutions that the planners will support; we have a number of case studies where we have got planning for customers where their previous design team have struggled.