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    A Life In Colour

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    A Life In Colour

    Key statistics – Grade 2 listed building refurbishment in Bedford Park

    This proposal comprised the refurbishment of two bathrooms, a master bedroom complete with en-suite at first floor, and reconfiguration of the roof area to accommodate a self-contained living room/bedroom with contemporary kitchenette. As the owners wished to make a bold statement, we considered the age, style and amount of natural light in the house and then developed colour palettes and the use of materials and textures appropriate for the areas they wished to accentuate as their main focal points.

    As part of the contemporary internal face-lift, flush panel wall storage/cupboards were integrated into the rooms – avoiding visually distracting handles and door-knobs.

    Photo credit – T. Mitchell

    Total Original Area - sq.m


    Additional Area Created - sq.m


    Stages FAD engaged

    RIBA 3-6

    Contract Value