Tina Patel
Director & Founder

Tina is a perfectionist with panache, combining an eye for detail with imaginative flair that always keeps the bigger picture and end result in mind. A specialist in maximising a homeowner’s potential living space, she also has experience in large-scale regeneration projects and commercial builds…


Qualifications: BA Hons DipArch RIBA (University of Greenwich) Postgrad Diploma, Architecture (University of Westminster)


Career: Co-founded Formed Architects in 2012. Previously Maslen Brennan Henshaw Partnership, GHM Designs (Abu Dhabi), Geddes Architects.


Outside the Office: Tina has a passion for design and enjoys making her own jewellery, accessories and clothes – most often with recycled materials. A student of behavioural economics, she is also a keen STEM Ambassador, promoting the role of architecture in local schools and also working within RIBA’s Fluid Mentoring programme.


In her own words: “To my way of thinking, architecture is part art, part science and part translation – the ability to understand a client’s objectives from a professional perspective and then turn them into reality. That’s why we take so much time to listen and learn at the start of any brief. The obvious solution isn’t always the best one, especially when trying to find precious additional space. That challenge – and it’s unique in every case – provides a real buzz and always sets me up for work with a smile on my face.”

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