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St Peter's Square, Hammersmith

Built in groups of three, the houses around St Peter’s Square with their stucco frontages and Regency style are predominantly Grade 2 listed.

Circled around the central park, the area boasts many traditional features, and as a resident of the square, you will be a custodian to maintain the charm that makes the area so sought after.

Noted for bringing a bit of Belgravia to West London, the houses often need ongoing maintenance to preserve the heritage features. Not withstanding this, the houses often require permission for modest internal changes and with a structured approach and Formed Architect’s awareness of working in the area, we are well-versed in understanding how to develop solutions for your home in and around the square.

Being a resident need not mean that extensions cannot be added, but the council has quite stringent guidelines to retain the character, so it is important to engage with them as early as possible and develop proposals that are as sympathetic as possible.

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Architects in St Peter's Square, Hammersmith

Having served the residents and community of St Peter’s Square for a number of years, Formed Architects is deeply integrated within the locale.

Listed Buildings

In St Peter’s Square, our design endeavours are often centred around the Grade-2 listed buildings. Drawing upon a blend of modern insights and respect for historical elements, our interventions strike a balance, ensuring that the legacy of these structures is preserved.

Planning Approval

Our profound familiarity with Hammersmith’s local regulations grants us the foresight to harmonise designs with the council’s expectations. With our experience, we strive to facilitate smooth planning approvals, meeting both homeowners’ aspirations and regulatory criteria.

Project Delivery

Being in proximity to St Peter’s Square offers us an advantageous position. We can regularly oversee project progression and maintain open lines of communication. This hands-on approach optimises our service delivery, ensuring we can address concerns and enhance project quality.

Services we offer in St Peter's Square, Hammersmith

With our intrinsic understanding of the distinctive architectural tapestry of St Peter’s Square, we mould our offerings to resonate with its unique character. Feel free to enquire if you don’t find a specific service on our list. Given our extensive work in the area, we’ve likely ventured into similar territory in previous projects.

  • Planning Submissions
  • Building Regulations Approval
  • Tailored Interior Design Solutions
  • Pre-purchase Assessments
  • Feasibility Consultations
  • Comprehensive Project Supervision
  • Detailed Tender Documentation
  • Party Wall Discussions
  • Builder Recommendations

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