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    Technical Drawing

    We are often asked how we calculate an accurate build cost. We believe the devil is in the detail.

    Before a builder gets on site, we provide a set of coordinated technical drawings to confirm all final finishes including, walls, floors, lighting, electrical plans, door schedules, and internal drawings for kitchens, joinery, and bathrooms. These allow you to understand costs for the complete build, as far as possible, before works begin. They also allow you to understand what to expect at the outset.

    Making decisions with our guided process reduces changes and associated costs when your project gets to site. This approach also allows the delivery team to understand your vision. Planning in granular detail like this avoids costly changes and decision-making in your absence.

    This stage of drawings covers a lot more detail than what is required at planning. It covers the safety of the build; structural design, drainage, ventilation, sustainability and things like insulation and what size cavities would allow for a better thermal performance.

    With an awareness of the impact we all have on the environment, we work with you to find solutions that improve the efficiency of your build, from the materials used on the external envelope to renewable technologies. We work to keep heating bills low in the long term.

    Where possible, we like to work with companies that hold similar values to us and offer flexible levels of support during projects. Yes, it can be easy to source things off the internet, but when things go wrong or aren’t quite right, it is far better to have a trusted person on the phone to deal with the issue and, where necessary, provide support on site. This can save a great deal of heartache during a build. We find that by buying locally and British, we can have a good understanding of the supply chain and can be confident that our clients will benefit from high quality products.

    Our detailed technical drawings enable a builder to provide an accurate cost. This gives a clear reference point and eliminates any doubt over price.

    The party wall process is a statutory requirement and involves more than a wall you share with a neighbour. The party wall process can impact walls up to 6m away to protect you from any potential claims by your neighbours. In most instances, we will deal with party wall matters in-house.

    The importance of this stage can often be overlooked but it is a critical step before works start on site. It helps to ensure, as far as possible, the builder’s costs align with your budget aspirations. This step can involve sensible specification changes or negotiations with the build team.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Every project that we undertake is unique, and we understand that this may be the first time that you may have thought you need to use an architect; our FAQs are based on questions that we often get asked, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    How do you charge for your projects?

    As each project and therefore everyone’s needs are different, our fees are based on the needs of your project; we provide a flexible pricing structure that gives you a fixed fee for every stage of the project and you have the option to use us as little or as much as you need.

    Why should I use an architect, I can get plans drawn cheaply elsewhere?

    Our service is more than getting plans drawn, we want to understand the way you and your family live so as to design your home so that it works for you. A key part of our offering is the design exploration stage and we will present a number of ideas as to how various areas may work. Working with us as your architect through the course of your project is likely to save you money in the long run and leave you with a beautiful space that you can be proud of. Our long training and extensive experience since then, seeks to protect you and your home, and we can help with design and the delivery of your project, including managing builders and advising on suitable finishes to suit your budget requirements.

    I live in a conservation area - can you get planning for me?

    We have extensive experience in working in conservation areas, with a fantastic track record of getting planning first time. We seek to work with the local planning conservation team to design schemes that they can support and approve.

    I have a very tight budget but need extra space - can you help?

    We are always realistic about what is possible within your budget; this is discussed very early on in the process and we offer innovative solutions to see how you can get the space you need at a price that you can afford.

    I have a cost from a builder, but they have said they need technical drawings - do you provide these?

    Yes, we can help with techinical drawings. That said, if your builder has not reviewed any detailed plans to provide you a cost you will only have a budget price as they cannot price for something without knowing the detail from the outset.

    Why should we use your services?

    We want to make sure that you get the most out of your project at a price that works for you, in a way that is fun and stress free. We are very experienced at making the most of space and offering tailored solutions to suit, including pushing the boundaries of what is possible at planning.

    I'm struggling to get planning, can you help?

    Yes, we are always happy to explore why someone may be struggling to get approval for planning, often a fresh eye looking at things can offer solutions that the planners will support; we have a number of case studies where we have got planning for customers where their previous design team have struggled.

    What Our Clients Say

    "Formed Architects seemed to understand our priorities very quickly and all of their suggestions were geared accordingly."

    Mr Reid – Maida Vale

    What Our Clients Say

    "Formed Architects are fantastic. Really quite inspirational! They are very easy to chat to and bash out ideas with!"

    Faye – Ealing

    What Our Clients Say

    "Formed were great, very skillful and with great ideas. Very good interpersonal skills and great communicators of all aspects of the process."

    Isobel – Hounslow

    What Our Clients Say

    "It was great to meet Tina from Formed Architects and walk through the properties with her. She was incredibly helpful and we are happy to have had the opportunity to talk about our plans with her and benefit from her knowledge and experience."

    Chase – Westminster

    What Our Clients Say

    "Formed Architects listened to all our requirements and also how our family unit lives together. They were able to come-up with sketches that we really liked and gave us ideas that we didn’t know were possible."

    Varinder – Ealing

    What Our Clients Say

    "Formed Architects are great listeners and provided loads of great advice. I particularly liked how the gently steered me towards a better plan by starting with my initial ideas so I could see for myself what the issues were before taking me through different alternatives to come up with something much better."

    Helen – Ealing

    What Our Clients Say

    “After using two other architects, you were our last hope, you f****** smashed it for us, pricing, outcome, objective clearly defined from the outset; you got us more than what others before had managed and more importantly what we wanted and needed. ”

    Jag - Burnham

    What Our Clients Say

    “Excellent service and swift turnaround with our planning application for an single story extension!”

    Fuad Sillem

    What Our Clients Say

    "A friend of ours recommended Formed Architects earlier this year and I have to say they have been excellent and professional from day 1. They have managed to achieve what previous architects hadn't - successfully achieve a planning approval!"

    Kishan Vakeria