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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Every project that we undertake is unique, and we understand that this may be the first time that you may have thought you need to use a commercial architect; our FAQs are based on questions that we often get asked, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    What type of commercial projects can you work on?

    We have experience working on small scale developments up to fifty units, including conversions, large co-living HMO units and office and retail fit outs. If you have a project that you want to discuss please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    We have a tight deadline - can you help?

    Potentially yes, we’d like to understand a bit more and what it is you are looking to do and can then advise you as to a realistic timeframe to prepare proposals for you. We have historically undertaken a number of projects to tight swift deadlines and once your timeframes are known can work to do the same for you.

    Can you help me write the brief for my project?
    Yes, we often support our commercial clients in developing a brief to suit their long term objectives. 
    Do you offer project management as well as architectural services?
    Yes, for projects up to a contract value of £2 million we offer project management in house, above this we would be looking at partnering with one of our external partners to support you. 
    Can you help ensure my project is sustainable/energy efficient?
    Yes – this is likely to be a pre-requisite of planning in many instances and to support this beyond the basic requirements we would look to engage with a specialist consultant – we have teams that we work with relative to the scale of what you are doing and would connect the right team to suit your project. 
    Am I required, by law, to use an architect for a commercial project?
    No, there is no requirement by law, but not using one may mean that you are not as protected; architects have extensive training and are legally required to maintain standards to hold that title; other consultants may draw plans but not offer the same levels of insurances if any at all and most projects need more than just plans to be best protected. 
    Do you work with developers as well as landlords?
    Yes, we work with a full range of commercial clients. 
    We have a tight budget for completing the project, can you help?
    Tight budgets are workable; although we will flag if we think this is unrealistic – there is little point in not being honest about this and we would say that if budgets are tight it would be beneficial to engage a quantity surveyor early on so you know from the outset what you are expecting.
    How many years experience does your team have?
    Collectively we have over 35 years in the industry working on masterplans for small cities through to retail fit outs, speak to us to establish if we can help you. 
    Our existing architect is not delivering, can you take over?

    We appreciate that this position can be frustrating and inevitably costs money – we have undertaken a number of project rescue projects to bring failing projects forward ultimately seeking to add value to your project; whether that be through swift turnarounds of design drawings or a review of a poorly designed scheme that does not maximise the space.

    How do you structure your fees?

    We work on a fixed fee structure for all projects; the fees are determined based on initial discussions and agreed scope; we understand that you need to budget for projects early and allow for this through our tailored flexible structure.

    What planning permissions will I require for my project?
    This is project specific, and impossible to answer without knowing a bit more about the site and context of what you are looking to achieve, get in touch with one of our team and they will seek to understand a bit more and be able to help you establish what permissions may be required. 
    Do you have team of contractors you work with or can recommend?
    Yes, this is all relative to what you need and the scale of the project – there are also many different ways to procure a project, from a traditional contract, through to construction management and what suits you and your needs will be subject to what your objectives are. 
    What is your process/management style when it comes to a commercial project?
    For each project we look to establish what you are looking to achieve and then tailor our process to suit your needs, budget and experience – some developments need a more hands on style, others just look for approvals to be put in place – we work to suit your project. 
    Can you ensure my commercial building is accessible? (Disabled access)
    This is a requirement of the building regulations, so yes! 
    Do you work on commercial projects outside of London?
    Yes, for projects outside London for it to be commercially viable we would normally work on units upwards of 5 units. 
    I’d like to speak to some of your previous clients, could you put me in touch with a couple please?
    Yes, we would be happy to connect you once we are at a stage where you have reviewed our proposal and considering engagement; prior to this we are happy to share some testimonials, this is so as to protect our existing customers from being approached by people that may not be serious about engaging our services. 
    Can you assist with the planning permission process?
    Yes, often in a commercial project subject to size we would suggest partnering with a planning consultant and you may need other specialists such as highways consultant, sustainability and viability assessment – each project is unique and the needs would be assessed relative to the context. 

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