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Why the Sketch Stage is Priceless and Important

Initial Concept Design: Why the Sketch Stage is Priceless and Important

Whether you’re renovating or remodelling your own home to suit family needs or developing a scheme for commercial profit, it is always essential to first flesh out the design on paper before moving forward.

I can’t stress how invaluable this process is. I mean, how else will you know whether the design has explored all its variables – maximise scope where value can be added, instead of committing to the first design proposal?!

Obviously, we all want value for money. Whether you have a limited budget or the deepest pockets, good design is an art and is priceless in helping you manifest your vision. It’s easy to get caught up with the internal cosmetics and finishes of a kitchen and bathroom at the outset without careful consideration as to how the space will flow and feel for the end user.

Through careful consideration and understanding, a good designer/architect will be disciplined enough, through in-depth conversations, extrapolate and tailor a bespoke design which answers all your needs and wants for a given project through a series of design layout options.

Your house/development maybe Listed, resides within a Conservation Area, or is on a tight plot a designer/architect will use this knowledge to better inform your designs – which can be explored together to find the best suitable outcome going forward.

As we always tell our customers, “Better to first explore things on paper, as it will cost less than having to make major changes to the design whilst the project is on site”. To add/maximise value to a property, the solution might not always require an extension, but could be achieved through meticulous design, via internal remodelling of the existing space – which can only be achieved through the initial concept design exploratory stage.

Unfortunately, all too often we are invited to fix a poorly modelled space, typically come about as the customer has not engaged in dialogue with the designer as to what they needed and the design was not considered against this – resulting in works being ripped out a few years later after realising the error of their ways – only to be redone – this is costly and not a sustainable way to do construction works and most importantly easily avoided.

This can all be avoided by taking the time to explore the sketches at the outset and establishing a clear brief of what you are looking for, sketches quickly outline what is possible and you can whittle through options to settle on something that suits your needs before getting to far ahead.

Before you make a decision why not get in touch with Formed Architects and let us ensure that your project is future proofed.