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An Architect’s Pre-Purchase Advice Before Buying a Home

Architect’s Pre-Purchase Advice Before Buying A Home

The housing market is currently attracting all sorts of buyers and it’s always sensible to get some pre-purchase advice. Some are looking to jump on the ladder for the first time, some may be choosing to upsize or even downsize from their current home, while some look for a return on their investment.

Ultimately, all roads lead to providing an improved quality of life for the occupier, so there is a real opportunity to add value to your new home if renovations, alterations, kitchen extensions and loft extensions to a property are completed to a professional standard – and this where we would recommend speaking to an Architect even before you make an offer on a property if you think a potential purchase needs work.

Pre-purchase advice will enable you as the buyer to realise the potential of your future investment with a detailed study of the legal and physical condition of the property. An architect will also help you ascertain the development feasibility and risks and outline costs associated with these – should you need they can also provide sketch design ideas to help you to realise what is possible and aid the decision making process.

Pre-purchase advice can also include a review of the planning history. If the property or neighbouring properties were extended or remodelled in the past, it could provide you a better footing to receive planning permission for further work. It may also uncover that your home could be listed or in a conservation area, which may require a bit more consideration in terms of what is possible when it comes to renovating or extending your home relative to its existing features or character.

An existing site analysis of the land and its proximity to their neighbours will also give you as the buyer of that property an insight as to how far you can alter or extend a property, and whether you’ll likely require planning permission. Sometimes an extension may not even be required, saving you thousands of pounds – a property may only require a remodel of its layout to enhance the functionality and flow of the building to meet your needs.

If your potential property is a flat, an architect can provide a strategy on how alterations to a property can be phased, through co-ordinating initial talks with the freeholder, obtaining planning permission from the local authority and obtaining freeholder’s consent.

As the housing market is ever-changing, pre-purchase advice will ultimately also help identify which renovations could leave you with an optimum return on investment during the purchase process. Discussing this with an architect before you secure the property could also provide an impartial insight into the possibilities.

Formed Architects are more than happy to provide pre-purchase advice with no-obligations. This could provide any prospective owner the chance to double check on whether their investment is the right choice with the aid of honest and expert feedback.