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How Hiring An Architect Can Save You Money

How Hiring An Architect Can Save You Money

Given that some building costs at the start of 2022 were up an eye-watering 90% from where they stood just 12 months earlier, many homeowners across the UK may have prematurely ruled out the prospect of completing their home renovation projects in the current climate. However, hiring an architect can save you money to resurrect those plans to turn the dream into a reality.

It may sound counterintuitive to add another expense to the project management process. However, local architects could hold the key to an affordable renovation and a smoother project that may be completed on time and within budget.

Now that the average family spends more time at home than ever before, this summer may be the opportune moment to finally reinvigorate your home with an extension or structural improvement. Here’s why hiring an architect can save you money while simultaneously turning your dream into a reality.

Architects Know How to Maximise The Space In Your Home

The UK’s cost of living crisis means that you need your home renovation projects to deliver the best value for money. For this to happen, all aspects of project management must be focused on producing the most cost-effective upgrades while simultaneously adding the most value to your property. Using local architects in the early phases of planning is vital.

Whether you’re planning a kitchen extension, a loft conversion, or any other home upgrade, this doesn’t matter. Architects understand the latest market trends while they can additionally envision the space with a creative eye to maximise the space with practical and functional solutions that you will adore.

Their comprehensive feasibility development plans will also ensure that the home is running energy efficiently while also blocking any potential problems. In turn, the long-term value for money is likely to be greater than you ever imagined.

Local Architects Will Work with Your Budget In Mind

From conception to completion, it’s imperative that your project provides value for money. However, it’s not just about affordability. You additionally need to know that your budget will be respected and understanding how work can be paid for and being creative around this should all be part of the transparent discussions with your architect.

From taking out a personal loan to cover costs at the right stage so that you do not incur unnecessary costs in terms of interest repayments through to understanding how to structure the procurement of materials. These simple things could far exceed the cost that you pay the architect.

Architects will complete not just technical drawings but add creative flair to the designs with your budget in mind to ensure that suitable solutions can be made. They will also factor in other eventualities including materials, buffers, and additional provisions so that in so far as possible the deliverables match your needs.

Architects Help You Avoid Delays & Penalties

When starting a refurbishment, loft extension or a building extension to a property, it’s important to remember that the planning submissions process can be daunting and thus appear immensely stressful.

While it is possible to take on the work yourself, your lack of knowledge and experience could lead to delays or even a rejection. Hiring an architect will save you time, money, and hassle during this process.

Crucially, local architects have experience of working with the local council and likely to know exactly what they WILL and WON’T accept. This can save you from spending time and money preparing plans that simply won’t be allowed.

The preparation stage of the planning drawings should not be rushed, and it is important to thrash out the design at the outset to avoid costly delays or worst another submission down the line. Getting it right at the outset is the key to ensure your home will gain its new and improved look. Planning permissions are a complex issue that many homeowners underestimate. Do not be one of them.

Hiring An Architect Can Save You Money on Other Services

The thought of hiring an architect may feel like an added and avoidable expense. However, they provide the foundation for your entire home upgrade and can subsequently help you save money when hiring future contractors. For example, they can stop you from falling victim to cowboy builders or other tradespeople who set excessive costs.

In short, hiring an architect can save you money by ensuring that future building works are completed to the highest standards at the most effective price. If that doesn’t justify their value to your project management procedures, what will?

Architects Make Technical Drawings with Builders in Mind

Finally, hiring an architect can save you money because they serve as the bridge between you (the homeowner) and the builders. When working on plans for kitchen extensions or other projects, they do so with builders in mind. In turn, it means that the builder will receive all the details needed to transform your ideas into the home of your dreams.

By providing your builders with all the necessary information regarding materials, dimensions, and other key features, architects will effectively work with the team to rule out the threat of projects being completed incorrectly. Aside from ensuring that the final results reflect your intentions, it also saves you from paying builders to rectify the problems.

Given that the average builder in London charges a day rate of up to £250, time really is money. Architects will seek to communicate your vision and plans in the best way to ensure that the project is completed cost-effectively and conveniently without compromising on quality.

The Final Verdict

Hiring an architect will be an extra upfront expense. However, you should view it as an investment that will get your project off to the perfect start. In turn, it will help save time and money throughout the planning permission and building phases to ensure that the work is completed in style. Crucially, it brings your home back to life.

Get in touch with us today and help us design your dream home – and save some money in the long run!