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Preparing Childcare Settings for Social Distancing Operation

Preparing Childcare Settings for Social Distancing Operation

In response to Boris Johnson’s announcement that nurseries will be able to open from 1st June, Formed Architects is working with nursery operators to prepare childcare settings for opening post lockdown.

Tina Patel, Founder and Director of Formed Architects, says: “In many, if not all childcare settings, swift action will need to be taken to meet current guidelines to enable nurseries to open from the 1st June or soon after. We are working closely with nursery operators to get their businesses operational and open safely by considering the physical space and operational requirements holistically.

“Measures can be designed and put in place to safeguard staff, and of course the children, assuring parents of the safety of the nursery environment to enable children to return to some sense of normality and also to enable parents to get back to work.”

The appraisal of measures that can be safely implemented to allow nurseries to reopen within a timely fashion include:

  • Working practices and how to safely execute two metres social distancing within the nursery when working with children under 4
  • Design measures that are limited in cost to implement and practical for the foreseeable future
  • Welfare and sanitisation facilities review for touch points and ease of cleaning
  • General play areas and how these may need to be adapted to allow for daily deep cleaning and in accordance with current guidance
  • Cleaning procedures
  • Providing suitable assurance to parents to illustrate that suitable and reasonable measures have been taken to reduce the risk of spread of the virus

For more information and to discuss the needs of your nursery, please get in touch.